Winners of the Jewellers International/Victorinox/Swiss Army Dive watch raffle

July 11, 2009

This year there were two Victorinox/Swiss Army 500m dive watches being raffled.  One for Divemasters and Instructors and one open category.  Congratulations to Ursula Lawrence who won the professional category and to Frederique Huard who won the open category. In the biggest surprise of the night Delphis Ltd. stepped forward to declare a third category of  “full time DMs and Instructors” sponsored by Delphis.  After a few names were drawn Delphis had to step forward and (blindly) drew out the name of Curt Benoit! Congrats to Curt a longtime dive industry employee and ambassador.

Winner of the 500m Dive watch from Victorinox/Swiss Army 500m dive watch.

Winner of the 500m Dive watch from Victorinox/Swiss Army 500m dive watch, Curt Benoit. Sponsored by Delphis Ltd.

Winner of the 500m Dive watch

Winner of the 500m Dive watch

Jewellers International & Victorinox/Swiss Army Cocktail Party

July 13, 2008

Dive Fest sponsors Jewellers International and Victorinox/Swiss Army hosted a Cocktail Party for the local dive industry Saturday evening at the Jewellers International store on the Bayfront.

Victorinox/Swiss Army Sales Representative Emily Kiefer was on hand to display their line of dive watches.

The Jewellers International staff were enthusiastic promoters!

Jewllers International Staff

Jewellers International Staff